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Argan oil is one of the world’s most rare and expensive oils and it is often referred to as….Liquid gold from Morocco.

  For centuries the Berber people of Morocco have used the golden oil for beauty, health and culinary purposes. Argan oil comes from the fruit of the Argan tree and is extracted by traditional methods. Co-operatives of women collect the seeds that are left after goats eat the fruit. The seeds are then hand pressed into the oil.

 Today, the Argan tree is under protection by UNESCO because it is a very rare and dwindling species. When travelling in the southwest region of Morocco you can see the magnificent site of the goats climbing the Argan trees!

Traditional Production of Argan Oil

The global demand for this exotic oil has provided economic benefits to Co-Operatives of local village women throughout Morocco. The traditional methods used today have been practiced for centuries. Women sit together sharing stories and laughter as they crack pits and grind seeds until the perfect oil is extracted. It takes 20 hours of manual labor to get one liter of Argan oil. This is truly a labor of love!

Stages of Argan oil production

Tree climbing goats eat the Argan fruit and leave the seeds.
Women collect the seeds.
Separation of the hard exterior off the seed.
Crushing the Argan nuts into a paste.
Grinding the Argan paste into Argan meal.
Mixing the Argan meal into a paste.
Pressing the paste until the maximum oil is extracted.
Filtering the oil until it is clear.


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