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“It is my desire to see the health and beauty industry strive to educate consumers on the local cultures from which these “Medicines of the Earth” come, so as to promote the practice of fair trade. In this way, the gifts we receive for our health and beauty can be a gift that is given twice by giving the opportunity for growth and abundance to the local cultures that they are extracted from.” 

-Ahmed Jeriouda

Slenderize Anti-Cellulite Oil

Slenderize Anti-Cellulite Oil Slenderise Anti-Cellulite Oil helps to detoxify the skin, reduces excess bloating and dissolved fat while maintaining strength and circulation to the skin. It has an invigorating, fresh and clean scent. Directions: Apply oil generously to...

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Discovering Argan Oil

BEAUTY WITHOUT BORDERS |  THE MOROCCAN ELIXIR STORY  I was introduced to Argan Oil as young child in Moroccan as a remedy for the skin rash of Chicken Pox. It worked wonders for healing the rash. In my family the women of house used the Argan oil as a beauty treatment...

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Moroccan Elixir uses only the highest quality natural and organic Ingredients. Our oils are pure and cold pressed and contain no artificial ingredients. Our products are pure and made with the purest methods. Our products are all vegan, gluten free, paraben and petroleum free.

In other words, Moroccan Elixir is organic food for the skin and hair!

Our products are sourced directly from communities of women in Morocco and other regions of the world in an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable way.


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