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7 Benefits of Pure Argan Oil for Face, Hair, and Body

Original Argan Oil, Pure Argan Oil, Moroccan Oil


Argan OIl is an All-In-One Beauty Multitasking Oil like no other.  It Nourishes and Hydrates and transforms your Face, Hair, and Body.   It’s hardly surprising then that this multi faceted Oil has been gaining popularity among Women of all ages across the Globe.   Authentic Argan Oil is harvested from the Seeds of Argan Fruits.   These fruits grow on the Argan Trees of Morocco-a culturally rich country blessed with Diverse Natural Beauty and Treasures.

Moroccan Elixir presents 100% Pure Argan oil, ethically source from Women’s Co-Operatives in Morocco.   All you need to do is to take a few drops of Argan oil and massage it gently into your Skin and Hair and you will see its wonderful effect for yourself.   What Beauty Benefits can you expect from Argan Oil of Morocco?  Moroccan Elixir discusses the 7 most Amazing Advantages of this Miracle Oil below.

     1.   Natural Hydration and Moisture

Argan Oil, with its Omega Oils, Phytonutrients, and Antioxidants, hydrates the skin and locks in the moisture.   Regular application of this oil will result in plump and nourished skin.   While other Moisturizing lotions and Oils tend to be greasy, Argan Oil is instantly absorbed, resulting in beautifully moisturized skin without the oily sheen.   For this reason, Argan oil is great for all skin types from Dry and Mature to OIly and Acne prone skin.

Argan oil for face and beauty

     2.   Skin Healing

An elixir for beauty problems, Pure Argan Oil has healing properties making it the perfect solution for all types of skin ailments like acne, inflammation, scars, pigmentation, and infections.

Does Argan oil Brighten and Lighten the skin?  It’s super dense in nutrients like vitamins, minerals and omega fats, and antioxidants that help to brighten the skin and make it more radiant.    It also has natural sun protection and protects the skin from pollutants and radiation.    Argan oil can help to reduce the appearance of spots, acne scars, dark spots and pigmentation, and dark circles under the eyes.    The result is Evenly Toned and Nourished skin that exudes Health and Vitality.

     3.   Enhanced Pampering

Add a few drops of pure argan oil to your bath water and experience its cleansing and luxuriating effects. Allow it to work its magic as your body soaks in the goodness of this wonder oil. It unclogs pores, eliminating dirt, excess oil, and makeup. Experience spa-like treatment at home as it removes impurities and pampers your skin, leaving it clean, soft, and elastic.


Argan oil for body and Argan oil for skin care


     4.   Hair Conditioning

Beyond the Skin, Argan Oil’s Beauty enhancing capability extends to the Hair as well.   It Hydrates, Moisturizes, and Conditions the Hair leaving it with a Lustrous Sheen.   All you need to do it to apply the oil overnight for a couple of hours before shampooing-You’ll love how soft and smooth your hair is and how easy it is to style and manage.    Argan Oil is excellent for promoting soft, smooth, and easy to manage hair.

     5.   Repairs Split Ends and Damaged Hair

Similar to its skin healing capacity, argan oil provides a solution for hair problems like split-ends and dry, damaged hair. Apply it as a hair mask and allow it to be slowly absorbed for a while before you wash it off. You’ll find that regular use results in softened hair, with a reduced appearance of split ends and less fragility.

Another benefit for the Hair is that Argan Oil can help to repair Split Ends and Replenish Hair damaged by Color, Perms, Sun, and Environmental Pollutions.   Apply it ia a Hair mask or Leave in Conditioner and allow it to absorb before you Shampoo.  You will find that with regular daily use, the results are softened, strengthened and nourished Hair.


Argan for Hair

     6.   Anti-Aging Remedy

Pure Argan Oil has been a Key element of the Beauty Rituals of Native Moroccan Women for Centuries.   Consider it theri Go-To=Beauty Remedy for All Aging Related problems.  It is packed with Antioxidants and Omega Oils that help to Tone and Repair the skin leaving it plumper and more Youthful.

Post Menopausal women will find Argan Oil the perfect remedy for Sagging, think and wrinkled skin.   Argan Oil Infuses the Mature skin with Moisture, Integrity, Elasticity, and Nourishment leaving the skin looking Plumper, Timeless and Youthful.

     7.   Reduces Stretch Marks

Argan Oil’s ability to improve skin elasticity and tone make it a perfect remedy for Stretch marks too.    Stretch marks may be a result of weight changes and pregnancy and childbirth.    Regular use of Argan Oil may help to reduce Stretch marks and by toning and lifting and strengthening sagging and loose skin.     If the argan oil is used while pregnancy, it can prevent the stretch marks from starting in the first place.

Transform Your Skin and Hair with Argan Oil- Nature’s Gift for Beauty, Longevity, and Anit-Aging.   Moroccan Elixir provides 100% Pure Argan Oil-the Best Argan Oil- and an array of products made from Organic Argan oil from Morocco for every type of Beauty Challenge.    Try Our Argan Oil Today and Experience the Wondrous Benefits of Argan Oil for Beauty!   You will be Amazed at the way your Skin and Hair Look and Feel!




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