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Moroccan elixir


MOROCCAN ELIXIR brings ancient tradition to the forefront of beauty. A tradition kept alive for thousands of years by the Berber Women of Morocco A main source of independence and economic security for this vibrant community is through the production of Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil. These elixirs were centuries old secrets made modern once the world discovered their legendary beauty benefits.   Moroccan Elixir sources Argan Oil and Prickly Pear seed oil directly from Women’s Co- Operatives in Moroccan Villages, in which the Traditional Production Methods are still employed.    The Traditional Production methods ensure that the oils are processed with the essential nutrients intact.    While these methods produce the highest quality products, they also empower the independence of the local women and their communities. This is how the ethos behind Moroccan Elixir was formed…providing the highest quality Beauty Ingredients for the consumer while preserving the integrity of this time-honored method.   

Ahmed Jeriouda and Gabrielle Francis are the husband-and-wife team behind the Moroccan Elixir brand.    They desire to share this well-kept secret with novice and expert beauty-lovers alike. Moroccan Elixir prides itself in using only the highest quality ingredientscelebrating culture with each ounce of oil that is produced. 

Moroccan Elixir is a true labor of love.
Love for beauty beyond borders.
Love for the ethical treatment of indigenous women
.Love for a product made with quality and care.






moroccan elixir



Beauty Beyond Borders

Ancient Beauty Secrets
We are Inspired by the Centuries Old Wisdom
 that Women have harnessed for Health and Longevity.
Exotic Wellness Rituals
We share Self-Care Ceremonies that Root Beauty with Spirit.
Nature’s Remedies
Our Products are Powered by Superfood Ingredients which 
Nourish Beauty and Soul.
Empowering Women
We honor Diversity and Uniqueness and See all Women as Beautiful.
Celebrating Culture
We cherish Rich Heritage and Traditional Cultures and 
Seek to Preserve them.
We Believe Luxury is a Gift
…and You Deserve It.
May you Enjoy and Experience
…Beautiful Adventures