Prickly Pear Seed Cactus Oil

Prickly Pear Seed Cactus Oil is the newest Beauty rage! The Prickly Pear Cactus known as the “Miracle Plant” is originally from Mexico and now grows abundantly in Morocco. The small black seeds of the fruit are the source of the beauty oil.

Ageless Face Argan Oil

Harmonizes and balances the skin of the face and neck. It promotes moisture and plumps the skin adding a youthful glow. It reduces lines and wrinkles while toning and lifting the skin and muscles of the face and neck. This blend has a sultry floral smell and promotes a calm and elevated mood.

Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner

Pure Argan oil and essential oils custom designed to revitalize and revive the hair and scalp while nourishing and repairing damaged ends. It leaves your hair feeling refreshed, invigorated and restored from the inside out.

No pesticides & petro chemicals

100% natural & Fair trade

Vegetarian & Glitem free

Supporting moroccan heritage & culture

Made by women for women

Centuries of proven results

Beautiful beach skin ritual

Turn heads this summer with our Summer Radiance: Argan Skin Bronzing Ritual!
Benefit from all the nourishment that the Argan oil and Sun provide, while protecting your skin
from damage and aging.
Enjoy this Ritual from Moroccan Elixir…
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Client Testimonials

Client say's

“I absolutely love this company!  I tried many different brands of Argan oil that are on the market.   None compares to the quality of Moroccan Elixir.   It feels the same as the Argan oil that I bought from the co-operatives in Morocco.   It makes my skin and hair feel so nourished and I love that I am contributing to making lives of women in Morocco better.”

~ Alexandria Pete

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