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Rose Water...7 Rituals for Timeless Beauty

Rose Water Beauty Benefits


The Moroccan Rose Water Mist is pure Rose water extracted by Steam Distillation of the Rose petals.  The ethereal scent fills the sense with calm and uplifting beauty.   Rose Water has been Revered throughout Morocco and the Mediterranean for centuries as an essential ingredient in beauty products and rituals.  It is one of the oldest ingredients known for miraculous beauty that transcends time.    

 You will see for yourself how using the Moroccan Rose Water Mist can enhance and transform your beauty regime once you start using it every day.    


Rose Water Face Mist for Beauty

Here a few of the amazing beauty benefits of the Rose Water:

 Rose Water has Astringent Properties*The Rich Tannins help to cleanse, tone and tighten the pores.    You can use the Rose Mist as a daily toner for oily, acne prone or sagging skin.   Enjoy the lifting and firming benefits for your face.

 Rose Water is Cleansing*Use it as a gentle toner or makeup remover leaving your skin refreshed and pure.

 Rose Water is Soothing*Rich in Vitamin C and Phenols, the Rose Mist is great for calming red and irritated skin.    You will love the soothing and calming affect it has on skin aggravations.

 Rose Water restores pH*The Rose Mist can be used on Oily, Normal, and Dry skin.  Your Skin will be lefts balanced and even with regular use.

 Rose Water is Hydrating* The Mist creates a light barrier that helps to lock in Moisture and Nutrients.   You will love the healthy plump and youthful complexion the regular hydration provides.

Rose Water is rich in Nutrients*Loaded with Antioxidants, the Rose Mist strengthens the skin by boosting collagen.  Watch the years fade away as the Rose Mist softens fine lines and Lifts sagging skin.

Imagine all of these amazing Beauty Benefits in one Elegant Rose Mist!   
Try a bottle of the Moroccan Rose Mist and watch the years fade away with regular daily use.     The Intoxicating aroma of the Rose Mist is gentle, calming and uplifting and will linger on your skin and hair all day long. 
Moroccan Rose Mist will be one of your favorite products for youthful and ageless beauty every day!  


Moroccan Rose Water Mist 


How to Use Moroccan Rose Water Mist for Daily Beauty:

Rose Water Mist as a Makeup Remover.

The astringent properties of Rose Water make it an effective and gentle make up remover that cleanse impurities without drying the skin.

Rose Water Mist as a Facial Toner.

The Antioxidants and Essential Oils of Rose Water infuse the skin with Nutrients and Moisture.   Using Rose water as a Toner…lifts, tones and firms the skin in preparation for Serums and Creams.

Rose Water Mist for Spot Treatments of Acne and Rosacea.

Mist Rose Water on Acne and Irritated skin spots to calm redness and sooth itching.

Rose Water Mist as an Eye Spray

Mist Rose Water around your eyes to reduce circles and puffiness.   Rose Water tones the skin around the eyes making them look refreshed and bright.  

Rose Water Mist as a Body Spray

Mist Rose water on your body after a shower to infuse your skin with Nutrients and Moisture.    Follow with a Hydrating Body Lotion or Body Oil and lock in the hydration.

Rose Water Mist as a Hair Spray

Rose Water can be sprayed into the scalp and hair adding a nutrient infusion for healthy hydrated hair.   Spray directly into your scalp to calm irritation and dandruff.  Spray it on the hair throughout the day to restore bounce and life into curls and wavy hair.

Rose Water Mist as a Light Perfume.

Mist Rose Water on your hair, face and clothes and enjoy the intoxicating aroma that calms the spirit and uplifts and revitalizes the senses.


Enjoy the Daily Use of the Moroccan Rose Water Mist for a pure and all-natural Beauty Multi-Tasker.   
Daily use for all skin and hair types will give you the best results   Imagine all of these beauty benefits and rituals in one amazing.   
The gentle and intoxicating scent will linger with you to create a lifted and calm spirit all day long.


Moroccan Rose Water Face Mist



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