HIM Mens Body Oil & Hair Tonic - Pure Argan Oil - Moroccan Elixir

HIM Mens Body Oil & Hair Tonic - Pure Argan Oil

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HIM Men’s Body Oil is and ideal body oil for Men and Women with an active and busy life. It reduces muscles tension, moisturizes and hydrates the skin and strengthens the body during times of stress and tension.   It helps to promotes and strong mind while reducing the effects of stress on the skin and body. The scent is rich and elegant.

Argan Oil: High Fatty Acid content moisturizes, hydrates and promotes collagen production, reduces inflammation, and protects from sun and chemical damage.   The Minerals promote elasticity and nourishes the skin and hair giving it extra life and shine. Plant sterols help to balance the hormones and metabolism of the skin and hair.

All of these properties together make Argan oil an excellent remedy for anti-aging, wrinkles, acne,  sun damage, stretch marks and so much more.

Frankincense: Helps muscle pain and tension, strengthens the immune system, nerve tonic and strengthens the body during stress.  


Bergamot: Clears the skin, reduces stress and tension, unblocks inertia and stuck energy and helps circulation.


Sandalwood: Clears the skin, strengthens and moisturizes the skin, and balances skin ph.


Basil: Relaxes tense muscles, strengthens the nervous system, detoxifies the skin, energizing, helps to enhance memory, focus and concentration.


Ingredients: pure argan oil; essential oils of sandalwood, bergamot, frankincense, and basil.

Directions: Apply generously to full body, Massage into skin for best absorption. This blend may also be used as hair and face oil. Leave in all day.