ORIGINAL 100% Pure Argan Oil - Moroccan Elixir

ORIGINAL 100% Pure Argan Oil

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Original Organic Pure Argan Oil is a luxurious beauty elixir from Morocco often referred to as Liquid Gold. It is a revered treasure of the Berber women and is known for its beauty and anti-aging properties.

Moroccan Elixir’s Organic Argan oil is sourced from Women’s Co-Operatives in Morocco, which are promoting independence for Women, Traditional Culture, and Environmental Sustainability.

Properties: High Fatty Acid content moisturizes, hydrates and promotes collagen production,  and protects from sun and chemical damage.   The Minerals promote elasticity and nourish the skin and hair giving it extra life and shine. Plant sterols help to balance the integrity, strength, and metabolism of the skin and hair.

All of these properties together make Argan oil an excellent remedy for anti-aging, wrinkles, acne, sun damage, stretch marks and so much more.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Argan Oil 

Directions: Apply oil generously to face, body, and/or hair. Indulge your skin and hair with this Organic oil and see the change immediately.