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“It is my desire to see the health and beauty industry strive to educate consumers on the local cultures from which these “Medicines of the Earth” come, so as to promote the practice of fair trade. In this way, the gifts we receive for our health and beauty can be a gift that is given twice by giving the opportunity for growth and abundance to the local cultures that they are extracted from.”

-Ahmed Jeriouda

3 Ways Argan Oil Can Restore Vitality to Color Treated Hair

Argan Oil Can Restore Vitality to Color Treated Hair

What Color Does to the Hair:

Ammonia in the hair color changes the hair pH and lifts the cuticle up so that the color can enter into the cortex.   Since the cuticle is the protective and hydrating layer, the ammonia makes the hair dry and sensitive to other damage such as sun, pollution, and chemicals.....

But don’t panic, it is not necessary to stop coloring your hair in order to have hair that it beautiful, healthy and luxurious. Read more

4 Steps for Radiant Summer Skin

4 Steps for Radiant Summer Skin
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