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Our Story

Moroccan Elixir

Our Story

Beauty Beyond Borders

For Centuries the Berber Women of Morocco have held the secrets to some of the world’s most valuable and exotic beauty and anti-aging elixirs, 100% pure Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed oil. At Moroccan Elixir we’re dedicated to sharing these ancient beauty remedies and treatments with you while preserving and promoting the culture and environment that they originated from.

Mr. Ahmed Jeriouda is a Moroccan Native that knew the secrets of Argan oil and other Moroccan beauty rituals first hand. He grew up in a house of women that used Argan oil for beauty treatments of the face, hair, and skin. They used Argan oil and Argan oil products to enhance their visits to the Hamam, or bathhouse. They relished the benefits of Argan oil as a remedy for acne, wrinkles, hair loss, cellulite, stretch marks and so much more. It was considered the favorite anti-aging elixir for the women of the house

In his early 20’s Ahmed began a yearly pilgrimage to the Atlantic beach city of Essaouira, for the Gnawa Music Festival. He and his friends would stay in the home of Khadija, the oldest member of the Marjana Argan Oil Co-Operative. It was here that he began to develop relationships with the women that worked at the Argan Co-Operatives and he was able to see first hand how the production of Argan oil was benefiting women and communities in these poorer regions and villages of Morocco which was truly inspiring to him.

Ahmed met his wife, Gabrielle, at the Gnawa Festival in 2007. They shared a love for Music, Morocco, Culture, and Argan oil. After they married and Ahmed came to America, he was inspired to create Moroccan Elixir as a project that would share the beauty elixirs of Morocco with the people of the United States. It was his dream to design products with the highest quality ingredients from Morocco’s Women’s Co-operatives to share with American consumers and provide opportunities for Moroccan Women and their families.

The Highest Quality Argan Oil is that which is produced by the Traditional Methods in the Women’s Co-Operatives of Morocco.

The traditional methods allow the preservation of the essential nutrients in the oils and these are what give the oils its amazing beauty and health benefits. Marjana Co-Operative is one of those special places.

See this CBS Sunday Morning Feature Story on Moroccan Elixir, the tree climbing goats and the Women’s Co-Operatives.

Gabrielle Francis is a Naturopathic Physician, Chiropractor, and Acupuncturist practicing as The Herban Alchemist in New York City. She has contributed the Moroccan Elixir formulations of Pure Argan and Cactus oil with Organic Essential oils for added beauty and health benefits.

At Moroccan Elixir we are proud to produce the highest quality beauty products that are free from chemicals, synthetic ingredients and artificial oils. These pure and natural products are helping to promote culture, environmental sustainability, and Women’s Independence in Morocco and other parts of the world.

This is a project of love, hope, independence, beauty, and culture.
We hope that you will enjoy and spread the love!

Moroccan Elixir

Beauty Beyond Borders!