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Pure argan oil, also known as "Liquid Gold" or "Moroccan Gold", is a miracle elixir for all beauty problems of the skin, hair, and body.
Our wide collection of Moroccan argan oil products addresses a range of beauty challenges in a natural and effective manner. Shop our products below to embrace healthy skin and hair!

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Argan oil has been a vital part of the traditional culture and beauty rituals of the native Moroccan women, famed for their natural beauty. For centuries generations upon generations of indigenous women have been relying on the anti-aging and revitalizing properties of this wonder oil for the health of their skin and hair.

Moroccan Elixir is proud to present argan oil products crafted from 100% organic argan oil sourced directly and in fair trade from the Women’s Co-Operatives in Morocco. It’s ethically sourced beauty, by Moroccan women for women all across the globe.

Made from kernels found on the indigenous argan trees on the rocky slopes of Morocco, our 100% pure argan oil or “liquid gold” truly lives up to its name! Our natural argan oil products, made from pure argan oil, are designed to remedy a variety of beauty problems ranging from acne and wrinkles to cellulite and all types of hair problems.

Choose from the best argan oil products featured above like scalp and hair tonics, anti-aging face serums, shampoos, conditioners, energizing body oils, and several others. Embrace healthy skin and hair and feel good on the inside and outside with regular use of our products!