SLENDERIZE  Anti-Cellulite Oil - Pure Argan Oil - Moroccan Elixir

SLENDERIZE Anti-Cellulite Oil - Pure Argan Oil

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Slenderize Anti-Cellulite Oil helps to detoxify the skin, reduces excess bloating and dissolves fat while maintaining strength and circulation to the skin. It has an invigorating, fresh and clean scent.  

Argan Oil: High Fatty Acid content moisturizes, hydrates and promotes collagen production, reduces inflammation, and protects from sun and chemical damage.   The Minerals promote elasticity and nourish the skin and hair giving it extra life and shine. Plant sterols help to balance the hormones and metabolism of the skin and hair.

All of these properties together make Argan oil an excellent remedy for anti-aging, wrinkles, acne, eczema, sun damage, cellulite, stretch marks and so much more. 

Sage: Acts as an astringent to tone the skin, helps break down fat, detoxifies the skin and muscles.

White Grapefruit: Breaks down fat, and reduces bloating, detoxifies the skin, tones the skin. MOOD LIFTING.

Lemon: Detoxifies and cleanses the skin, reduces fat, reduces bloating, tones and lifts the skin. CLEARS MIND.

Basil: Detoxifies skin, supports the circulation of nutrients in the skin. MOOD ENERGIZING.

Ingredients: Pure Argan Oil; Essential oils of Sage, White Grapefruit, Lemon, and Basil.

Directions: Apply oil generously to thighs, buttocks, back, and abdomen.

Massage in thoroughly. Let oils soak in for a couple of hours or leave in all day.