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SUMMER RADIANCE: 4 Step Argan Oil Bronzing Ritual for Glowing Skin

Argan for Sunscreen Argan Sun Protection Argan Skin Bronzer


4 Step Argan Oil Bronzing Ritual

For Glowing Skin



Turn heads this summer with our Summer Radiance: Argan Skin Bronzing Ritual!

Benefit from all the nourishment that the Argan oil and Sun provide, while ORIGINAL Pure Argan Oil by Moroccan Elixir protecting your skin from damage and aging.

Enjoy this Ritual from Moroccan Elixir


Step 1: Hydrate your skin with Moroccan Elixir ORIGINAL Argan Body Oil

Generously apply ORIGINAL Argan Body Oil the to your body and face

Approximately 2 hours before going out in the sun.

This hydrates your skin and provides essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants such as vitamin E which protect the skin’s elasticity and beauty.


 Step 2: Apply Organic Mineral Based sunscreen

Choose an organic Mineral based sunscreen that is about 30 SPF to all to all areas of your face, neck and body.

(You can find these products in your local health food store. Be sure that the main ingredients are either zinc oxide or titanium oxide. Avoid products that use oxybenzone, retinoic acid, and petroleum.)


 Step 3: Enjoy 30-45 minutes of Sun Bathing

It is best to go out during the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the sun’s most powerful rays.

Be sure to flip over so you have an even tan!

Enjoy the sun’s nourishing radiance and activate Vitamin D production in your skin.


 Step 4: After Sun Hydration with Moroccan Elixir SERENITY and AGELESS

Nourish you sun kissed skin with SERENITY by Moroccan Elixir,  which has Pure Argan oil and essential oils such as Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Lavender. This provides the skin with anti-oxidants and nutrients help to retain your beautiful Glow.

Nourish your sun kissed face with AGELESS by Moroccan Elixir, which has Pure Argan Oil and essential oils of Rose and Sandalwood. This provides your skin with hydration and anti-aging nutrients to maintain your skin’s youthful radiance.


The Moroccan Elixir Summer Radiance Skin Ritual can be done 3 times per week for best results.

 Enjoy beauty and the benefits of the sun and our wonderful Argan oil products.

Moroccan Elixir


ORIGINAL Argan Body Oil, Pure Moroccan Argan Oil



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