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4 Things to Look for in an Organic Hand Sanitizer

Organic Hand Sanitizer, Argan Oil Hand Sanitizer, Natural Hand Sanitizer


Cleansing Hands is so important, but most Hand Sanitizers leave your hands dry, cracked and red while smelling unpleasant.  Not to mention they often have added chemicals that may be harmful to your health.  Remember, the skin absorbs the things that you put on it and it goes directly into your bloodstream.  Many of these ingredients are classified as Endocrine Disruptors.  When Choosing products for your skin it is important to read the label and know what your product contains.   What goes on your body…goes in your body! 


Imagine this!  An Organic Hand Sanitizer that Smells Wonderful, moisturizes your Hands, and that Works Magic to Cleanse and Protect.  It sounds like an oxymoron, but it is possible to find Organic Hand Sanitizers.   What do you look for when trying to find the best natural Hand Sanitizer for your health and beauty routine?   


Argan Hand Sanitizer

There are 4 things to look for in an

Organic and Natural Hand Sanitizer.    


Here we go!



 1.  60% or higher Organic Alcohol

Organic Alcohol is the anchor ingredient in any effective organic hand sanitizer.   The best form of alcohol for a natural hand sanitizer is Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol, also labeled as Alcohol.   This is the same form that is in Alcoholic Beverages.   Organic Alcohol is standardized by the USDA and is sourced from either sugar cane, fruits, grapes, corn or grains.   The sources will be grown with agricultural methods free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.   Organic Alcohol is Non-GMO, which means that the seeds for the crop will not be genetically engineered or combined with genes of another plant species.    Organic and Non-GMO alcohol may be from gluten containing grains; however, the distillation process leaves the alcohol gluten free.  There may be possible contamination with gluten in the facility where the alcohol is processed.   If you have a gluten allergy, then it is best to contact the manufacturer, so you know that your source is gluten free.


Alcohol is an effective anti-microbial agent against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.   It works to denature the cell membranes of the microbes.   The CDC and WHO recommend that hand sanitizers have a minimum of 60% alcohol.   Alcohol dries quickly and may also break down the fatty membranes of skin cells.  Therefore, your hand sanitizer should also have moisturizing ingredients to prevent drying, redness, cracking of the skin which may lead to aging and uncomfortable hands.


DEFEND Moisturizing Argan Hand Sanitizer uses 65 % Organic Alcohol

that is Non-GMO and Gluten Free.


 Argan Hand Sanitizer Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Organic Hand Sanitizer

2.  Moisturizing Ingredients

The Best organic hand sanitizers will have ingredients that preserve moisture and hydrate the skin in order to prevent dryness, redness, irritation and aging hands.  Squalene and Aloe vera are two excellent ingredients that hydrate, moisturize and repair dry hands.  These are popular ingredients in skin care because they are generally safe, soothing and have a low risk for allergy.  They help to keep hands soft and smooth.


that adds moisture and hydration and helps to repair dry hands.

 Moisturizer for Hand Sanitizer, Aloe Vera Gel for Hand Sanitizer

3.  Nourishing Oils

Organic oils may be added to hand sanitizers to help replenish the skin’s moisture and repair the hands with fatty acids and antioxidants.  Argan Oil is one of the best oils for hand sanitizers because it is rich in vitamin E and Omega Fatty acids which help to restore the integrity and moisture of the skin.  Argan oil is also rich in minerals and Vitamin C that help to restore Collagen, which prevents wrinkling and premature aging of the skin.    Argan Oil leave the hands soft, supple and smooth despite the high alcohol content and frequent use.   Other oils that may be beneficial in Hand Sanitizers are Moringa Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil.


DEFEND Moisturizing Argan Hand Sanitizer harnesses the healing properties
of Argan Oil for beautiful and healthy hands.  

4.  Organic Essential Oils

Organic Essential Oils are an excellent addition to hand sanitizers.   They give the hand sanitizer a wonderful fragrant Scent.   The Essential Oils are the Immune System of the plants.   Did you ever wonder why Herbs, Flowers and Plants don’t get eaten by the Bugs in the Environment?  That is because the Oils, which make them smell so good are also the Immune system of the plants.   Most Essential oils have antimicrobial benefits and are helpful against bacteria and viruses.   They can be added to the Alcohol and Moisturizing base to enhance the effectiveness.   Essential Oils also have active ingredients that can help to repair and moisturize the skin as well.   The Essential Oils all have unique scents; therefore, you should choose a scent that you will love using and smelling since you will be using it regularly.   Each Essential Oil also has properties that may affect your mood.   For example: Lavender is calming, Rosemary is clarifying, Orange is uplifting, and Peppermint is invigorating.  If you have an organic hand sanitizer or a natural hand sanitizer that is free of essential oils, you can add your own.   Just put about 10-12 drops of essential oils in a 2 oz bottle.   Then shake the mixture well before using.


Power of Plant Immunity with Organic Essential Oil blends.  
Try one of our two Scents:  Mediterranean Spice or Orange Pomander

 Organic Essential Oils for Hand Sanitizer


A Hand Sanitizer is an essential part of our Modern Health and Beauty Routine today. But most hand sanitizers are extremely harsh and damaging to the skin, leaving the skin red, dry and cracked.    An Organic Hand Sanitizer will take your Essential Protection to the next level by providing not only the confidence you desire but some added luxury and beauty benefits.   


DEFEND Moisturizing Argan Hand Sanitizer is part of AMULET Essential Protection Hand Care Collection.    DEFEND is a luxury organic argan oil hand sanitizer that will not only clean your hands on the go, but it will also nourish and repair them as well.   DEFEND harnesses the Power of Plant Immunity featuring Argan Oil and Organic Essential Oils.   Give your hands some Love with our organic hand sanitizer…It is the best all-natural hand sanitizer you will ever tray.  Your hands will love you for it!

Moisturizine ARgan Hand Sanitizer 

Enjoy our AMULET COLLECTION of Organic Hand Care


DEFEND Moisturizing Argan Hand Sanitizer

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Organic Hand Sanitizer Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer 



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