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8 Benefits of Argan Oil for Acne


Women using Argan oil for acne - Moroccan Elixir

 While it may seem counterintuitive to put and oil on already oily, acne prone skin, you may be surprised to know that Argan Oil is one of the main remedies that the Women of Morocco use for Acne.

 Acne is sometimes the result of oily skin, but our skin is often oily because we dry it out with harsh facial cleansers, and it reacts by producing even more oil to counteract the dryness. Argan oil mimics the composition of the oils naturally found on our face and hydrates without greasy residue, essentially telling our skin there is no need to produce additional oil and thus preventing breakouts.

Check Out the benefits of Argan Oil for Acne, Rosacea, and Acne Scars….


  1. Argan Oil has Antioxidants, Vitamin E and A, which help reduce inflammation and heal damaged skin cells,
  2. Argan Oil helps to fade Acne Scars and Dark Spots by increasing turnover of old skin cells.
  3. Argan oil regulates and balances the skin’s hydrolipidic layer, which “a protectivebarrier that covers the entire surface of the skin. 
  4. Argan Oil helps the skin to maintain its suppleness and moisture therefore it doesn’t have to react by creating excess oil and sebum.
  5. Argan Oil promotes new skin cell regeneration.
  6. Argan Oil increases skin elasticity and hydration.
  7. Argan Oil allows the skin to breath and look fresh and restored.
  8. Argan Oil has anti-bacterial properties and helps enhance the immunity of the skin.
Benefits of Argan Oil for Acne

Our 2 Best Face Serums for Acne and Rosacea and Skin Inflammation:


Argan Oil + Pomegranate Oil with Essential Oils of Jasmine, Egyptian Geranium and Frankincense. 

Every drop of Supreme Beauty Face Serum harnesses the healing potential of 100% organic Argan and Pomegranate oil to refresh and restore the skin. Jasmine, Geranium, and Frankincense have a delicate essence that envelops the skin with a veil of profound nourishment.  Ultimately forming a powerful matrix that works to hydrate, balance, firm, lift, soothe, and soften wrinkles.

Supreme Beauty Neck Serum


Argan Oil with Essential Oils of Rose, Sandalwood, and Palmarosa.

Transcend time and its effects with 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Rose, Palmarosa, and Sandalwood. This dynamic botanical blend exalts the skin with offerings of hydration, elasticity, and radiance. AGELESS helps to reduce fine lines and revive dull skin. It helps to sooth inflamed and acne prone skin restoring the balance of the skin oils and moisture.  Rose, Palma Rosa, and Sandalwood deeply penetrate to unveil supple, dewy skin shielded from damaging free radicals and microbes.  

Ageless Argan Face Oil




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