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Beautiful Beach Hair Ritual

Beach hair beauty tips

Beautiful Beach Hair Ritual


A Day at the Beach can do a number on your hair…Yikes!

The Sun, Sand, and Salt are wonderful but may leave the hair dry and distressed.


Try the Moroccan Elixir Beach Hair Ritual for luxurious hair on the beach


Moroccan Elixir Beach Hair Recovery Ritual for when you get home.



Beautiful Beach Hair Ritual:

  1. Pre-Condition with REVITALIZE Argan Conditioner
  • Generously apply the REVITALIZE Argan Conditioner to dry hair before going into the sun.  Be sure to moisturize the ends too. Leave in.
  1. Apply REVITALIZE Argan Hair Oil
  • Apply the REVITALIZE Argan Hair Oil directly into the hair and ends.Avoid the scalp when going in the sun as essential oils make the skin more sensitive to the sun.
  1. Leave REVITALIZE Argan Conditioner and Hair Oil in all day. 
  • This leaves the hair looking luxurious and the sun drives the healing benefits of the products in giving it a deep conditioning effect.


With Moroccan Elixir Beach Hair Ritual…

A Day in the Sun doesn’t have to mean a bad hair day!


Post Sun Hair Recovery Ritual with Argan Shampoo and Conditioner

Post Sun Hair Recovery Ritual:

  1. Wash hair with REVITALIZE Argan Shampoo
  • Generously apply REVITALIZE Argan Shampoo into the hair and scalp
  • Massage and cleanse the dirt and debris from the hair
  1. Condition the hair REVITALIZE Argan Conditioner
  • Generously apply the REVITALIZE Argan Conditioner into the hair and scalp
  • Be sure to get it into the ends.


  1. Deep Condition with the ARGAN HONEY Mask
  • Apply the ARGAN HONEY Hair Mask to the Hair and Scalp.
  • Allow the Mask to Infuse and Nourish the Hair for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse Thoroughly
  1. Apply REVITALIZE Argan Hair Oil to Hair for Overnight Hydration
  • Massage REVITALIZE Argan Hair Oil into the hair to the ends
  • Leave the REVITALIZE Argan Hair Oil in overnight for best effects.


The Moroccan Elixir Sun Recovery Ritual

nourishes and hydrates and repairs the hair after a day in the sun and wind. 

 It will look so luxurious you may want to do this weekly!



Argan Hair Collection

Nourish, Hydrate, Repair and Transform!


argan hair products for Deep conditioning



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