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CLEAN SKINCARE: What it is and Why you Need it

Clean Skincare and Beauty.  What it is and Why you need it.


What it is and why you need it



Do you Need a New Year’s Resolution that is Meaningful and Attainable?

Why not Clean Up your Lifestyle by Incorporating “Clean Beauty”. Products into your Skincare Routine.   Yes, it is all the Rage in Beauty now.  But What exactly does Clean Beauty mean and Why do you Need it?

From high-end product lines to brands showing up on drugstore shelves, clean skincare is a trend that has taken the world of skincare by storm. But what does this term mean? What about it makes the products ‘clean’? And does this mean that other products are dirty or toxic?

We hope to set the record straight on clean skincare, hopefully provide some clarity on what makes something ‘clean’ or not and show you how you can implement this trend in your own Skincare Routine. 

 Clean Skincare and Beauty Trends



On the surface, the term ‘Clean Skincare’ has a wonderful appeal to it. Who doesn’t want their skincare, and their skin, to be clean and free of toxins and impurities that might irritate it? However, it also carries with it the implication that some skincare products are clean while others are ‘dirty’ or toxic – all without being totally clear about what ingredients make it ‘clean’, or not.

At its essence, Clean Skincare is skincare free from toxins and skincare that offers a level of transparency about what ingredients it does and does not contain. Some clean skincare brands achieve this with short ingredient lists that are easy for consumers to understand. The confusing thing is, not every brand can agree on what ingredients are clean.

Whilst most natural and organic beauty lovers would prefer not to see SLS, PEGs and parabens in ‘clean’ beauty products, there is no one standard answer – like the definition of what ‘natural’ beauty or ‘natural’ skincare products are. There is no one certifying body which tests and verifies that a product is ‘clean’ by certain standards; it is all left up to that company’s individual definition.


Clean beauty is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle


Clean Beauty and Skincare 



As consumers become more aware of things that may be toxic or harmful to their health, clean skincare products aim to offer reassurance that they do not use these potentially harmful ingredients. The growth of clean beauty also echoes the growth in clean eating.  The move towards clean eating has contributed to the rise of clean beauty ‘as consumers want to align all aspects of their lifestyles.’

Even though each company has a different definition of what clean skincare means, the impulse behind the trend is a good thing: people are becoming more aware of the ingredients that go into their products, and consumers are searching the shelves for products that will help them feel like they are taking control of their health and wellbeing and are living in line with their values.


 Clean Beauty and Skincare Products

Moroccan Elixir’s Clean Beauty Promise

We are committed to Using only the Most Natural and Simple Ingredients in our Product Formulations.
We use Oils and Essential Oils that are Organic and Free from Pesticides and Toxins.
We are committed to avoiding the ingredients that are Harmful to Your Body and the Environment.
These Include Hormone Disruptors Such as:
Petroleum and Petroleum Byproducts
Sodium Laurel Sulfate
Unfiltered Water

Now you can Incorporate a “Clean Lifestyle”. Into your Skincare Routine.  


Clean Skincare and Beauty Products

Check Out Moroccan Elixir’s Complete Line of

“Clean Beauty Essentials”. 


Take the Worry out of your Beauty Choices and Enhance the Beauty and Health Benefits while you are at it.


Moroccan Elixir

Clean Skincare Collection


 Moroccan Elixir Clean Skincare and Beauty Essentials



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