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ROSE: Benefits for Love and Beauty

Benefits of Rose for Beauty and Love


Benefits for Love and Beauty




ROSES:  LOVE and BEAUTY through the AGES  


Roses have been a Universal Symbol of Love and Beauty since Ancient Times.   The Romans associated the Rose with Venus, and the ancient Greeks associated the Rose with Aphrodite.   Venus and Aphrodite were the Goddesses of Love, Romance, Fertility, and Beauty.    The Color of Roses carries symbolism for various Spiritual and Emotional expressions.  These may vary in different cultures, but most have a Universal Meaning.   Red Roses symbolize Love and Romance.  White Roses symbolize Purity and Innocence.  Yellow Roses symbolize Friendship.  Orange Roses symbolize Gratitude.   Purple Roses Symbolize Enchantment and Admiration.   

 Colored Roses and Their Meaning


The History of Roses in Health and Beauty can be traced back to the Royalty and Mystics of Many ancient empires including Chinese, Indian, Persian, Egyptian, Roman and Greek.   Today we see the prevalence of Rose in so many Health and Beauty products and many of these have origins in Customs and Lore that date back thousands of years.   Roses may used in Beauty products as Rose Water, Crushed Rose Petals, Rose Oils, Rose Essential Oils, Rose Powders, and Rose Hips and Rose Hip Oils.  


Rose Benefits for Beauty 



Roses are extraordinarily Beautiful, and they have a transporting ethereal scent…But Did you know that Roses are also packed with many health and beauty nutrients?   Rose Hips are high in Vitamin C and E, antioxidants which give it it’s anti-aging and collagen enhancing benefits.  The Vitamin A in Roses also adds to the healing qualities of tissue repair and make it great for hormonal acne.   The Essential Oils of Roses, which give them their magical scent, have potent antibacterial benefits and are attributed to its hormone balancing effects.   There are numerous minerals in Roses in including Calcium and Iron which give it is nourishing effects on the skin and hair.   And the Oils of Rose are what makes it so hydrating and moisturizing. 


In other words, Roses are not only Lovely and Fragrant,
but they are Beauty Superfoods for your skin and hair.

Rose Beauty Benefits 




  1. Anti-Bacterial

This makes Rose excellent as a Skin Cleanser!   The Anti-Bacterial benefits are also why Roses are so helpful for healing acne prone skin.


  1. Soothing and Anti-Inflammatory

Roses are excellent for Red Sensitive Skin and for Healing acne scars and blemishes.   Roses are the ideal ingredient for people that need a gentle remedy.


  1. Moisturizing and Hydrating

Roses infuse deep moisture and hydration into the skin giving it a full and plump texture.   Roses have a hormonal balancing affect that can make the skin look years younger and fuller.


Rose Beauty Treatments


  1. Astringent

Roses are very toning and firming.   Rose can lift sagging skin and reduce the size of pores and still leave it feel soft and smooth.


  1. Wrinkle and Line Reducer

Roses reduce lines and wrinkles and restore Collagen and Integrity to the skin.   Rose lifts the skin and plumps the skin giving its greatest anti-aging benefits.


  1. Oil Reduction

The astringent properties of Rose make it great for balancing the skin pH and for reducing excess oil production.   This makes it great to oily skin and yet it is it not drying.   Therefore, Rose can be beneficial for both dry and oily skin types.   It evens the complexion and makes it clear and supple.


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