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3 Ways Argan Oil Can Restore Vitality to Color Treated Hair

Color Treated Hair and Argan Oil 


Thanks to the wonderous benefits of Argan Oil, the ancient Moroccan Beauty Elixir, you no longer have to choose between healthy hair and colored hair.   Argan oil is rich in nutrients and phytochemicals that revitalized color treated and processed hair.   It is nature’s remedy for beautiful hair and skin that has been used by centuries by the women of Morocco.


The art of hair coloring is an ancient art found in many cultures around the world.  In these times, the colors were derived from plants such as henna, black walnut, indigo, amla, turmeric, and red okra.    Unfortunately, modern hair dyes and colors are chemically derived and have very potent chemicals which are toxic to our health and damaging to the hair. This is why there is such a buzz around how to revitalize color treated hair.  


Let’s take a brief look at what coloring does to the hair and then learn how Argan oil can revitalize it.


Hair Anatomy 101:

The part of the hair that extends out of the scalp is known as the hair shaft and it is made of 3 layers:  the cuticle, the cortex, and medulla.

The outermost layer of hair is the cuticle.  The cuticle protects the hair from damage, and it controls the water content of the hair fibers.

The middle layer is the cortex and it gives the hair its color, strength, and texture.  The medulla is another layer that is found in thick and coarse hair adding to its body.


What Color Does to the Hair:

Ammonia in the hair color changes the hair pH and lifts the cuticle up so that the color can enter into the cortex.   Since the cuticle is the protective and hydrating layer, the ammonia makes the hair dry and sensitive to other damage such as sun, pollution, and chemicals.


Peroxide enters into the cortex layer of the hair breaking and stripping down the color.  But since this is also the layer that gives the hair strength and texture, the peroxide literally strips the hair of all its body and flexibility.  This is why color makes hair brittle and weak.  It also strips the bounce and flows from the hair.


The hair color enters through the lifted cuticle and moves into the cortex and deposits on the stripped cortex.  Once inside the cortex, it processes, and the color proteins enlarge.


The conditioner applied after the color helps to close the cuticle and seal the color in. The conditioner is not as toxic, however, the process of the coloring has already done its damage leaving the hair dry, brittle, weak, and lusterless. 


The coloring chemicals also have a negative impact on the scalp which is where the hair root is.  The root of the hair has the oil glands and papilla which provide the hair with the nutrients needed for hair growth, vitality, and health.  The coloring chemicals are like toxic pesticides on the soil of a garden.


But don’t panic, it is not necessary to stop coloring your hair in order to have hair
 that it beautiful, healthy and luxurious.
Argan oil is the perfect remedy for hair damaged by color and dyes.


Here are 3 ways that Argan oil can help to restore and repair color processed hair:


  1. Argan oil is rich in fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic fatty acids. The Fatty acids in Argan oil hydrate the cuticle and adds moisture to the dried-out color treated hair.


  1. Argan oil is also rich in plant sterols and Vitamin E. The Vitamin E and plant sterols are anti-oxidants that that repair the damaged cortex and strengthens the weakened and brittle hair.  They give the hair a younger and revitalized texture. 


  1. Argan oil also has minerals such as Calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron as well as Vitamin C and B vitamins. The Fatty acids, vitamin E, C, and minerals all penetrate the scalp and add nutrients to the hair roots promoting health and hair growth. 


How to Use Argan Oil on Color Treated hair:


  1. Post Color Conditioner:
  • After you color your hair, apply the post color conditioner.
  • Apply Argan oil to wet hair and scalp. Massage thoroughly to the ends. 
  • Leave the Argan oil in the hair overnight for added nutrients and moisture.
  • Condition hair in the am to rinse out the oils and notice the refreshed and hydrated newly colored hair.


  1. Daily Conditioner for Color Treated Hair (Best for course and thick hair)
  • Wash with an Argan oil-based shampoo
  • Condition with and Argan oil-based conditioner
  • Leave the Conditioner in
  • Apply the Argan oil to the wet hair and leave in overnight.
  • A condition in the am and notice the revitalized and healthy colored hair.


  1. Weekly Conditioner for Color Treated Hair (Best for thin and fine hair):
  • Wash with an Argan oil-based shampoo
  • Condition with and Argan oil-based conditioner
  • Apply the Argan oil to wet hair and leave in for 30-60 minutes and then rinse out
  • Or Leave in overnight and wash and condition again in the am.
  • Notice the full body and luxurious shine of the color treated hair.


Add Argan oil, the Moroccan Beauty Elixir, to your hair coloring rituals
And watch your hair revitalize, hydrate, and nourish.
Coloring your hair no longer has to mean damaging your hair! 
 Try it and tell us your story!

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