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The Moroccan Elixir Story: Argan Oil is Beauty Beyond Borders





By Ahmed Jeriouda


 I was introduced to Argan Oil as young child in Moroccan as a remedy for the skin rash of Chicken Pox. It worked wonders for healing the rash. In my family the women of house used the Argan oil as a beauty treatment for the hair, face and body. In my teen years I found it very helpful for acne. Argan oil is very much a part of the tradition and culture in Moroccan family life.

The culinary Argan oil was a vital part of our cuisine and used as dip for fresh bread or sprinkled on the couscous.

“As Moroccans we were very aware of the medicinal benefits of this amazing oil. Not to mention the amazing taste!”

In my late teens and early 20’s I began my annual pilgrimage to the Gnawa Festival in Essaouira, a city on the Atlantic Ocean. This yearly music festival became a favorite rendezvous for my friends and I to share in our love for Gnawa music, also known as Sufi Blues. It was on these trips that I came to be friends with Khadija Teboka, as she and her family would rent out her house to us during the festival time. Khadija was the oldest member of the Marjana Argan Oil Co-Operative.


“Through our friendship I was able to learn more about the traditional production methods of Argan oil and was able to see first hand how the Argan oil co-operative was transforming the lives of the women in the village.”


I met my wife at the Gnawa festival in 2007. She was a doctor of natural medicine in the United States and she had a great interest in Argan oil too. After I moved to the US in 2009 and was presented unlimited opportunities as an American Citizen. I wanted to start a company that would appeal to the love of health and beauty that the Americans have and that would also share the customs and medicine of my culture from Morocco. I wanted to create a company that would benefit the women of Morocco as the Marjana Co-Operative did by providing jobs for the women to thrive and become independent.


Moroccan Elixir is the creation that came from that dream.

I am honored to present these products that are designed by the Doctor with Pure Argan Oil  and organic essential oils for added medicinal benefits.

Not only do you get to experience the ancient beauty elixir of Morocco,

You are supporting the local Moroccan women and the traditions of my wonderful country.



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